Unrecoverable oil reserves

Strategic Partnerships

Are you looking for a means for sustainable growth and cash generation without exploration risk? Profero Energy has proprietary technology entitled LEMUR that can convert suitable proven unrecoverable oil resources into valuable producing oil reserves.

Global resources of oil in place has never been systematically evaluated but estimates of proven oil resources not presently economically recoverable range between 7-11.5 trillion barrels. Profero Energy has technology capable of potentially transforming some of these presently low value assets into profitable production. This creates a basis for licensing, purchase or farm into suitable oil assets presently not recoverable and enjoying the value increment and cashflow associated with converting them into producing oil reserves.

Parnership with Profero Energy would involve identifying and targeting acquisition of suitable oil resources. These include conventional oil resources in production decline or that have ceased production using standard techniques plus certain heavy oil reserves. Thereafter simulations can be created ahead of purchase, farm-in or licensing to assess the anticipated production rates, costs and profits to allow any decision informed by detailed information. The proven nature of the oil resources mean there is no exploration or appraisal risk.

The oil resources in question have the benfit of being proven with no or limited appraisal risk and no exploration risk. Ahead of acquisition the expected production rates, reservoir development plan and budget can be modeled in detailed simulations with financial models created based on this. This allows the benefits and risks of a specific project to be assessed before any decision is made to proceed with acquisition efforts.

The sheer scale of oil resources and their varied location creates an opportunity for growth and cash generation suitable for significant growth for even the largest oil companies. It effectively replicates the potential impact on the North American gas market associated with the developments in shale gas extraction. The difference is the Profero Energy technology is patented making these assets valuable for those with access to the Lemur technology but unusable for those without.

Profero Energy is interested in entering strategic partnership with oil companies interested in using the power of their technology to generate growth and/or cash generation.