More oil from your assets

If you have oil assets in any of the following situations Profero Energy can potentially

  • Oil production that has ceased or that is declining or due to decline.
  • Decommissioning costs after cessation of economic production.
  • Compromised rates of production owing to lack of reservoir pressure.

Profero Energy proprietary LEMUR technology has the potential to significant increase oil recovery and production rates of your oil assets if they have the appropriate technical features.

Profero Energy can assess the suitability of your reservoir in advance. The proven nature of the mature reserves allows detailed simulations of anticipated field performance to be undertaken ahead of implementation. As a consequence the impact on production rates, timescales and costs are evaluated to allow informed decision making on adoption of the process.

The technology is suitable for use with standard existing wells for injection and production provided they have the correct depth and location. For optimum production rates new wells may be required but this can be deferred until the initial results have been obtained.

Profero Energy is flexible over the basis of commercial interaction with the availability on a fee per well stimulation basis or through field partnership.

The process involves injection of carefully selected concentrations of stimulants in an aqueous solution using standard injection techniques. The solution is then left while methanogenesis escalates and methane derived is used to increase local reservoir pressure. The stimulants are naturally occurring and are benign in terms of adverse impact on the oil reserves and the surrounding environment.